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Fuel Consumption/Emissions* Panamera 4 E-Hybrid: Combined in l/100 km 2.5; CO2 emissions in g/km 56; Electricity consumption (combined) in kWh/100 km 15.9.

Fuel Consumption/Emissions* Cayenne S E-Hybrid: Combined in l/100 km 3.4 - 3.3; CO2 emissions in g/km 79 - 75; Electricity consumption (combined) in kWh/100 km 20.8 - 18.6.

We do not build compromises. We build Sports Cars.


Illustration based on Panamera 4 E-Hybrid


The core of Porsche E-Performance is the vehicle. Our plug-in hybrid technology therefore has to meet two strict requirements. Firstly, it must drastically reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Secondly, it must deliver an experience that pushes the driver firmly back into the seat. Which is precisely the right place to be in a Porsche.

The combination of combustion engine and electric machine is crucial for this peak performance. The combustion engine builds up power and torque as engine speed increases. The maximum torque of the electric machine is available immediately.

As a result, consistently high overall torque and dynamic responsiveness are available over an extremely wide rpm range. And your adrenalin also reaches a new maximum level.